VMware {code}

As relative new comer to the world of coding and in an attempt to rectify this situation I started looking about for good, reliable sources for all things Powercli/API related to VMware. My 1st thoughts were to try the usual suspects like blog posts from Alan Renouf, William Lam and Chris Whal.

During my numerous searches I discovered that If you’re looking for an API, powercli example or guidance for design standards etc then https://code.vmware.com should definitely be your 1st place of call.


The VMware {code} website is a one stop shop for all things code related. From API information, to Powercli snippets and even guidelines on UX design standards , it really has something for everyone.


VMware{code} also provides a handy online API explore for all major VMware platforms, for example vSphere, vCloud Suite and NSX.

From the VMware API Explorer you can browse, search and inspect any of the associated APIs for the platforms mentioned previously. The API explorer utilises the SwaggerUI, which makes locating and understanding format/queries very straight forward.

In the following example the health/load API query/results of a vCenter Server Appliance are shown :-


Sample Exchange

The sample exchange section of the site acts a library for developers to share their handy code snippets for various languages (e.g. Java, Perl, Python,Ruby etc)

Not only can you share your snippets but you can also request snippets and/or scripts.


The site also acts a handy repository to download the latest Powercli builds and associated documentation.


As you can see there is plenty of useful information and help available on the VMware {code} site, and if you can’t find what you are looking for then there is one other place you can ask for help.


The VMware {code} slack workspace is a good place to post your questions/queries. As of the start of October there are over 100 channels and 3500+ developers/VMware Experts. Here’s a list of some of the channels I subcribe to :-


Don’t worry you don’t need to be a developer or a VMware Expert to join the group, anyone can sign up using https://code.vmware.com/join


There you have it, a couple of excellent online resources for all your VMware {code} needs. I would encourage you to check out/sign up to both resources.

It would be interested to see any projects you may be working on, feel free to share.