Triggering Infoblox ABX from vRA Cloud API request

I recently created a post to show how to integrate the Infoblox plugin into vRA Cloud. This worked fine when I used the blueprinting component of Cloud Assembly. However, when the request was made direct using the IaaS API, the VM was created fine but it did not get an IP from my IPAM IP pool.

I had noted from the VMware docs, if you wanted to set a static IP address from the YAML based blueprint, you would use the property:  assignment: static, however this property did not work as expected in the body of the API.

With the assistance of VMware, we managed to resolve this issue. Again, this is not widely documented, so I thought I would share. The property needed is actually slightly different: “ipAssignmentType”: “STATIC”

Your API body could look something like this.

“name”: “ipamtestvm”,
“description”: “Postman IAAS machines API IPAM test”,
“projectId”: “xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx”,
“flavor”: “Small”,
“image”: ” win2016″,
“nics”: [
“name”: “nic0”,
“description”: “nic0”,
“deviceIndex”: 1,
“networkId”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“address”: “”,
“customProperties”: {
“ipAssignmentType”: “STATIC”,
“awaitIp” : “true”


Again, I hope this helps anyone who is also using these products