Glasgow April 26th 2018 – Details

Sorry it’s taken us so long to get a finalised agenda published. Conscious that it’s only 4 weeks until the VMUG we’ve decided to publish the agenda as we have it at the moment. This blog post will be a living document and will be updated as we get the other session extracts

Cormac Hogan – What’s happening in the world of VMware Storage
In my session, I plan to talk about the state of storage at VMware at moment, which includes talking about new features that you may not be aware of that are already in our products, as well as a sneak-peak at some things that “might” be appearing in some releases very soon. This will look at hyper-convergence improvements in vSAN since last year, where things are currently with VVols, an update on IO Filters, a look at core storage enhancements in vSphere 6.5, and some vision at what “might” be coming down the line. A lot of this will focus on how to leverage different data services from the different storage products for your VMs and workloads. I’ll also talk about some of the things we are doing in the persistent storage for containers, namely ‘Project Hatchway’.

Pure Storage -Virtual Volumes Deep Dive with Pure Storage – Cody Hosterman

Learn about what VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes are and how the concept of storage policy-based management can transform your IT infrastructure. VM-granular service levels and protection policies make the concept of datastore configurations a decision of the past. Understand how Virtual Volumes and the VMware API for Storage Awareness (VASA) version 3 work with the Pure Storage FlashArray. See the storage capabilities provided and the underlying architecture that provides this service as the data mobility it offers. Learn how to use your array based snapshots, replication, and other features at the granularity your applications need.

Softcat  – Softcat Cloud Chief Technologist – Dean Gardner

Discuss the benefits of moving to a hybrid cloud model and how to achieve this using VMware technology. The complexity when incorporating public cloud services into an operational model where infrastructure still exists is becoming an increasing challenge but things are getting a little easier with VMware’s hybrid cloud vision. We will present how Softcat engage with our customers to help them understand where public cloud can work, how to leverage existing investments in VMware and to use the tools available to achieve this.

IGEL  – Jack Hicks

Horizon and IGEL UD Pocket- Managing your mobile users” we will demonstrate the simplicity of set up and management of end points outside the company LAN

Nakivo –  Protecting VMWare/Hyper-V environments with NAKIVO Backup & Replication
NAKIVO develops a fast, reliable, and affordable backup and replication solution for virtual and cloud environments.
Over 10,000 companies are using NAKIVO Backup & Replication to protect and recover their data more efficiently and cost-effectively. Join this session to learn:

How to turn your NAS into the backup appliance and use deduplication hardware appliances to get super-fast backup speed.
How to speed up the backup and replication data transfer with Nakivo Backup & Replication
How to ensure business continuity and reduce downtime using Nakivo Backup & Replication enterprise level functionalities.

HPE – Andrew Hughes

Will artificial intelligence play nicely with your plans for always on data management – Short insight into how predictive analytics supports essential data storage in virtualised environments

Michael Armstrong – A sneak peak behind the scenes of running the VMworld Hands On Labs

Ever wondered how VMware runs the Hands On Labs at VMworld?.  Within this session Michael will cover of how the VMworld Hands on Labs are delivered, how the labs are actually created and challenges that are faced during the process

Lee Dilworth – “vSAN Update – 6.7 & Lessons from the Field”

Atif Qadeer – Automation and NSX

Andy Steven – HCX overview

If you have a Data Center Consolidation project, A Cloud Adoption project or a Project to move workloads to a new HPC Platform running the latest SDDC, HCX can help!

Rick Cronin – Wavefront

Wavefront was acquired by VMware in 2017. It is a SaaS-based metrics monitoring and analytics platform that lets you visualize, query, and alert over data from across the entire application stack. Rick and Justin will provide a brief overview and demonstration of Wavefront and discuss the Centrica ‘Connected Home’ customer use case.

Darren Hirons – Windows 10 – why change the habit of a lifetime

A look at why Windows 10 is a big shift for Microsoft and why for the first time, you should look at a new way of managing your desktops

Community Sessions
Brian Gerrard & Konrad Clapa (Double VCDX) – Best practices for vRealize Automation and Orchestrator development
VRA and vRO together provide a great automation and orchestration platform to kick start your road to delivering a service catalog and empower your end user. However it is not all “plug and play”. Are you a traditional VMware administrator who is seeking the embrace the power of vRO coding? Are you a developer who is looking to upskill on vRA architecture and design to couple with your JavaScript skills? Throughout this journey, we will talk through key topics,  from how to start your journey with initial vRA architecture which best suits your environment and how to integrate quality architectural principles into your vRO development  through to enabling a DevOps methodology into your workplace. We will discuss the skill sets needed, some key subjects we have found through making real-life mistakes and provide key takeaways that can’t be found in whitepapers or reference architecture.

Martin Campbell – vSphere integrated OpenStack

It’s OpenStack, it’s VMware. Come to this session to learn about VIO, a VMware Supported OpenStack (OS) distribution.
In this session, find out how VIO is helping to deliver an OpenStack environment using existing VMware knowledge.
Hear the beginnings of an IaaS journey and the benefits VMware Integrated OpenStack provides to development teams and IT

Craig Dalrymple – Making your 1st RESTful API call to VMware

Rest APIs are becoming more and more common place these days with many software vendors exposing their REST APIs for public consumption. This session is a beginners guide to starting out with REST APIs and how to apply them to you VMware product(s) :-
• What is REST?
• How does VMware expose REST APIs ?
• What tools/applications can be used to make API calls?
• Practical application of REST calls demos

SITS Group

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